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What is a Timeless Kitchen Design?

Dec 11


Are you looking to redesign your kitchen by 2022? Most likely, you have spent hours scrolling through Instagram and saving the most popular designs to your inspiration boards. You are doing great research if that is the case. While trendy kitchen designs can be eye-catching, they are not necessarily the best. 


These designs are often outdated, which is why you don't want to spend a lot of money on kitchen remodeling. It is important to choose a timeless kitchen design when remodeling. This will ensure that it stays in style for at most a decade and can still serve your daily needs. A kitchen remodeling atlanta offers design what you should aim for.


What is Timeless Kitchen Design?

A timeless kitchen will meet your needs and lasts for many years while still maintaining its function and design. You should look at flooring countertops, cabinet hardware, backsplash, and layout. Your kitchen should be stylish and trendy, but it should also last for ten years. While trendy is great, why not choose a design that makes you feel good and lasts? Here are five timeless kitchen design ideas by 7-Day Kitchen.

Use high-quality materials

While high-quality materials can be expensive upfront, it is worth the investment. It is better to spend a few extra thousand on quality craftsmanship than to have to redo your entire kitchen within a few years. You chose to use cheaper countertops and cabinets that are not as durable. You are safer choosing materials you trust.


Travertine, a natural stone, is one of the most expensive options for backsplashes or countertops. However, because it is durable and can be sealed properly, it is an excellent material for timeless kitchen designs. It's also beautiful.


Marble stone is another high-quality material that you can use in your kitchen remodeling. Marble countertops and backsplashes are beautiful and long-lasting. Marble is a modern kitchen backsplash material, but it can also be used in timeless designs. You can use it as an accent, or in a mosaic design to add that extra flair!

Stick to neutral color palettes

If you are drawn to bold colors, they can add fun and excitement to any room. Bold and bright colors are more likely to be out of fashion sooner than you might think. These bold colors can be used in temporary features such as tablecloths, vases, and backsplashes. This way you can have fun with these colors and still keep your kitchen design current. For a timeless kitchen design, you should opt for neutral colors such as gray, white, taupe, or ivory.

Install Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are timeless and will be found in many kitchen designs. Shaker-style cabinets are versatile and can be used in any design. This cabinet style is classic and can be used in many different designs. It's also easy to maintain. The cabinets are easy to clean as very few places can collect dirt, dust, or grease. 


Shaker cabinets are appealing because of their simple design. They also make great choices for hardware. This is why the 1900s cabinet design will still be popular in 2022.

Choose Natural Materials

Choose natural materials for your kitchen design. Natural materials such as stone and wood will give your kitchen the natural feel you want. You can also add travertine flooring in limestone or marble. A granite countertop and a sink made from natural stone can give your kitchen a timeless look while pushing it in a classic direction. Modern kitchens with shiny reflective elements and engineered materials can look modern, but they may not last very long.

Brass accents are a great choice

With minimal effort, brass accents can make your kitchen stand out. Even small changes can make a huge difference, such as adding a brass farmhouse kitchen sink or brass cabinet handles. Brass is a timeless and classic decor piece that will be incorporated into kitchen design in 2022. The trend of using brass with neutral or all-white colors is very popular. 


This makes the accents pop more. These brass accents can be functional and enhance any kitchen design. They come in a variety of styles, from rustic farmhouse to modern with a touch of vintage. These metallic accents can be used to add color and style to your kitchen.