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Aug 18

Instead of plastic bags, they are made from eco-friendly materials

We can state with almost certainty that we all utilize plastic bags whether it's a vegetable shop to a retail store that has unique designs. Plastic bags are popular due to the fact that they are inexpensive sturdy, lightweight functional, and environmentally suitable for transporting food items and other items. Although we've considered plastic bags as something cannot live without, they're the primary cause of pollution on our earth. So, plastic bags for shopping will no longer be available from shops in Slovenia starting in 2019. Let's set an model and replace plastic bags with bags made from sustainable materials.

This decision , taken a few years in the past by the government is part of an modification to the Packaging Management Regulation. The European directive demands that we reduce our use of plastic bags made of light weight in less than 90 bags per person in the year 2019. In addition, we must reduce the number of bags of plastic that are lightweight per person by 2025. If you think the figure is rather drastic, let us prove it with data. Do you realize that the average Slovene use between 300-600 million plastic bags per year, with 89% of which we only use once? This means that the average Slovene consumes between 150 and 300 plastic bags per year. What is the number we reuse? It's not much more than four percent. Unfortunately, a plastic bag dumped into nature can take anywhere from 400 to 1000 years to break down.

The increasing popularity of plastic - - the material of today and the future

Nowadays, the majority of plastics are made through refining crude oil. It was in 1839 that the first material for plastics was found through Charles Goodyear. Through the change in the natural chemical polymers as well as the invention of a process called vulcanization. The plastic manufacturing industry experienced the most rapid advancement due to the advancement in chemical technology following the First World War. The historical craze however, began by the 30s. The reason for this was the development of polyamide, also known as nylon by Du Pont Corporation. How do we label women's socks different? Nylons, and the name is still associated with pantyhose even today. In World War II, nylon production was focused on the creation of the largest number of parachutes used by soldiers. However, the relatively low cost of production and the capability of changing the properties of material to meet the requirements have made nylon an essential element of our daily lives.


Plastic bags impact the surroundings?

After a single use The plastic bags that are lightweight are thrown away and later to the landfill. Each year, more the amount of plastic bag waste ends up in the natural environment. This is the reason we see a lot of images and videos of piles of plastic bags as well as other types of plastic in our seas, rivers as well as on beaches, parks and roads on social media or in our media. When they begin to ignite, they fill the air with harmful fumes that can harm the animals as well as humans.

The figures regarding the deaths of the animals are insanity. Recently, it was estimated that up to 100,000 animals, including whales, dolphins, turtles and penguins, are killed each year as a result of plastic bags. Animals believe that plastic bags are food items and consume them. What's more, the plastic bag that was eaten remains intact when the animal dies and decays. This means that it remains in the environment, that could be snatched and eaten in the future by a new victim. Based on estimates made earlier this year, approximately 300 million bags of plastic end on the Atlantic Ocean alone.


How do plastics affect human health?

Plastic is a substance which lasts for almost forever. Since it's not biodegradable in nature, it breaks in smaller, smaller fragments. So, the materials that are discarded may remain in the earth for a time of up to two hundred years or longer. Toxic chemicals made from plastic can be found in the tissues and blood of nearly everyone. However being exposed to them can be connected to birth problems, immune system harm, endocrine disorders , and other ailments.

Also, plastic can be found found in our groundwaters: there are thousands of landfills in the world. Under each of them are harmful chemical compounds from plastics that are released into groundwater. This then runs into our rivers and lakes.

Plastics draw other pollutants: the chemicals in plastics that provide their strength and flexibility are grease and toxins. They don't mix with water, and they stick to petroleum-based objects , such as plastics. Toxic chemicals from plastics can build up on other plastics. This is a major issue because of the rising amount of plastic waste that are accumulating on the oceans around the globe.

Plastic poses a threat to wildlife as well as the lands that comprise our food chain wild animals are entangled in plastic, consume it, or use it as food, and then feed their babies with it. Even plankton, which is the tiny creatures that inhabit our oceans are able to eat microplastics, and absorb harmful chemical compounds. small pieces and fragments of plastic also stick to algae. This is crucial to ensure that marine life is healthy because many animals eat on these. This means that plastic is also onto our plate. Did you have any idea that in the oceans of our planet, the majority of plastic debris is deposited over plankton by an amount of 36 to 1.

Plastics are a huge cost to us: because of plastics in the oceans and rivers our economy is also affected. This includes recreation, tourism and business, as well as animal health, human health such as fish and birds. The financial harm which is continuously causing is incredibly large. As per the United Nations Environment Program the plastic waste industry causes $ 13 billion in financial damage and the number is increasing steadily.


Can we take action to help ourselves? Let's change plastic bags for greener materials!

The job of the companies and leaders of countries around across the planet is create the procedures, laws, and regulations that will reuse as much plastic as possible and produce as little plastic as is possible. It also applies to lightweight plastic shopping bags, which pose an urgent issue across the globe. Here are some guidelines for how we can help ourselves:

  • Let's learn about how plastic bags impact the environment and teach our families, friends neighbors, children, and even neighbours about it.
  • If you have plastic bags at home, we can reuse the bags. Plastic bags are tough to recycle, which is why it is advisable to reuse them to shop or for use at home as much as you can, naturally. For instance, they could be the perfect solution for dustbins with smaller sizes.
  • At the close of the week, take note of all the plastic bags you took to your home throughout the week. If we can actually count how many bags we carry back to our homes each week, this reality can inspire us to get started sooner.

The time is now for positive change

Naturally, however the most crucial step is to utilize a bag made of sustainable materials, instead of plastic bags. In our selection you have the option of choosing from a variety of bags made from fabric or paper, as well as jute materials that are decomposable naturally.

Remember that reusable foldable shopping bags are an item we all use regularly. Therefore, it's a practical and valuable promotional gift. It also increases the visibility of your business. This is further highlighted by the huge area for imprinting your logo and marketing message. A shopping bag can be transformed into an e-poster that travels. It is essentially it's a promotional item in which we can get lots at a very low cost.


In short it is true that simply put, a handbag or shopping cart handbag is an effective promotional tool that you won't find many of them. It is possible to use already-made bags that we make or embellish. For those who want to be more specific We offer

  • Unique shopping bags
  • Unique paper bags

Available, we tailor precisely to meet your needs.

We also thought about the environmental benefits that the bags are reusable, making them it is an ECO gift. This is an excellent combination as we'll create a great impression with our clients as well as business associates. Then the cost is among the lowest of comparable products, is also a strong argument to the advantages bag bags that are a great promotional item. If you're thinking about what you can give for a promotional present we suggest - the bags for shopping.

You can make an inquiry for embroidery, printing or a bigger quantity easily via the website for the product. If you are stuck get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to assist you complete your order whenever we can. We can also design bags with your logo and message.

You'll want bags for shopping that reflect your personal style. Take a look at these printed and pre-made bag bags for shopping. If you'd like to create your own distinctive bag, then you are able to make it with DIY. DIY application.

Remember to keep in mind that Gifts for business and promotions assist to sell.