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What are the advantages of using firewood?

Jun 21

Firewood, a natural material we find in the woods, was used for cooking in the past and is used for cooking now. In fact, using firewood for cooking is something that many people still choose to do. In the rural areas, it's easy to understand why firewood use is even greater. Those who live in nature are closer to doing things traditionally, whether by choice or by necessity.

When a person uses wood to cook, the process has many advantages. One of the essential advantages is cost savings. When a person uses firewood to cook, there are no gas or electric bills. What are some more advantages and benefits? 

Below are some advantages and benefits of cooking with firewood: 

1. Cost Savings 

As we've already mentioned, the first and most important advantage is the cost a person saves by using firewood. In today's time, fuel prices are higher than ever. Firewood is an excellent solution to save money. 

However, we need to remember that true savings only happen to people who get firewood for free, such as cutting down a tree in the forest or villagers who get firewood from their gardens or the woodland. Getting wood this way saves money, with the only cost being kerosene if you use it or matches. However, there are ways to create fire without purchasing items. 

2. Saves on Fuel Costs 

Experts have predicted that oil can be hard to obtain. Therefore, it can be hard to find the fuel needed for cooking. Thus, using firewood for cooking can save on the depletion of petroleum, especially in our current economy. 

As far as lowing utility costs for domestic heating, firewood is the most cost-effective. In fact, firewood, when it comes to domestic heat, is at least six times more economical. It should also be noted that when it comes to gas heat, it's approximately five times more economical and when it comes to oil, it's approximately four times more economical. Therefore, one of the best ways for us to end our dependency on foreign oil is to adopt a firewood approach. 

There are millions of households using wood for cooking. We save millions of litres of gas and kerosene every day when this happens. It's true. 

3. Solutions for The Risk 

There are risks when you cook in other ways other than firewood. For example, stoves can explode while they're being used. The gas cylinders can explode and kill people when you cook using gas. 

This is a risk feared by many, especially people with weak hearts! The use of firewood is an excellent solution for people who fear exploding LPG stoves and gas cylinders. 

4. More Delicious Cuisines 

Taste is significant when it comes to cuisine. It's our tongues that make the final verdict. No other tool can determine the taste of food. 

Keep in mind that food cooked over firewood often tastes more delicious than food cooked over a stove. Don't be shocked if many restaurants start to use wood for cooking for this very reason.