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Kitchen Remodeling in O'Fallon IL Cabinet Selection

Apr 27

Cabinets are an essential element of every kitchen. Cabinets are where you store all your kitchen items such as pots, pans and kitchen utensils. You require the top kitchen cabinets to fit in your home. This guide will help you select the best kitchen cabinets for your home.


The style is functional and simple without any style glitz. Shaker cabinets are a classic design. Shaker cabinets are a classic style which can be utilized in modern or contemporary kitchens.

Shaker cabinets for kitchens are renowned for their flat-paneled doors as well as rail frames. Solid construction made of top-quality wood is another characteristic. Shaker-style cabinets are constructed from top-quality local American woods. They are typically located in the Northeastern United States. Some examples of wood that is durable include maple, cherry and quartersawn oak.

While Shaker cabinets are not finished, they may be stained to highlight natural wood color in darker hues. Modern kitchens are awe-inspiring with Shaker cabinets that are white or gray. They give a light airy look that many homeowners desire. Shaker cabinets are combined with stainless steel appliances as well as modern hardware to create the appearance.



It is a blend of designs that originate from the American Southwest and Spanish regions. But, Mission design heavily influenced another significant design trend in kitchen cabinetry, which is the Arts & Crafts movement. The Mission style design is characterized by straight lines and doors with panel faces with minimal or no decorations. Kitchen cabinets in the Mission style are constructed from oak, particularly American white oak. Cherry is also a beautiful and durable choice. Kitchen cabinets that are Mission-style are constructed by skilled carpenters. They are more durable, stable and lasts for longer. Because of the necessity of custom-designed cabinets, a mission-style kitchen can be more costly. It's less likely that the Mission-style kitchen is affordable because of the labor and wood cost. But, the durable design and aesthetics could make the extra expense worthwhile.

Mission-style cabinets can be painted instead of being left unpainted. Cabinets made of wood are stained to be more rich in hue. However, most homeowners prefer warm honey tones. Hardware for decorative purposes is typically made out of the wrought iron, rubbed bronze and various other metals.


Louvered kitchen cabinets are constructed from wood slats that are horizontal. They can be very expensive. Louvered cabinets provide a distinctive style to kitchen cabinetry. They are also employed on doors for interior use windows, furniture, and even on exterior doors. Louvered cabinets are a great option for areas that require ventilation because they feature gaps between the slats. This is an important aspect to consider when choosing doors for cabinets that are near the radiator, cabinets for pantry use, or a cabinets for drying clothes in a laundry room.

Flat-Panel or Slab

Kitchen cabinet doors with flat panels are elegant and simple. Kitchen cabinets with flat panels are simple and have clean lines. Contemporary and modern kitchens will love flat-panel cabinets' simple design. There are a variety of ways to construct flat-panel cabinets. The design has one common characteristic: there aren't frames for slab doors. They are, in reality solid slabs, as their name suggests.


Inset-style cabinets come with an inset door that is placed inside the frame of the cabinet instead of outside it as traditional doors for cabinets. Each door is constructed and designed using precise dimensions. This guarantees that the wood is perfectly inside the frame. While they're the most expensive drawers and cabinets for kitchens available on the market today Their timeless design will last for a long time. It is possible to customize the inset cabinets by adding unbeaded or beaded inserts to create distinctive cabinets. The doors of the cabinet have beaded insets. This increases the quality of detail around the edges.

This type of cabinet typically needs hinges that are exposed, instead of concealed hinges. Hidden hinges aren't included in the cost of the cabinet box. It is necessary to buy two hinges for each door in order to accommodate inset cabinets. This could quickly increase the cost of your cabinet.  Come and see more options at:


Do you desire a kitchen that is vintage? Distressed drawers and cabinets can be an excellent option in this case. Many manufacturers make distressed cabinets. They are available with any door style and feature rubbed-off edges as well as other techniques of distressing to create a vintage look. A contractor will cost an additional 15 percent to 20% for distressing the cabinetry.


Beadboard cabinetry is made up of horizontal planks that are interspersed with depressions , also known as "beads", in between every blank. It is a lively design that differs from kitchen cabinets that are flat. This style of cabinet doors is perfect for cottage or country kitchens due to the appearance and texture as well as the beads. Beadboard cabinets in white may appear as the perfect addition to your kitchen that is rustic. But, it's possible to create fissures or crevasses inside the cabinet that are difficult to clean.


Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are constructed of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). The door is then sealed by wrapping it in a plastic cover, and then baking the door at high temperature. This process creates kitchen cabinets that are both sturdy and cost-effective. They are typically manufactured in mass quantities and are only available in solid shades. They look like wood. They are however affordable. While they are easy to maintain and clean Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are low resistance to heat. They should not be placed too close to sources of heat, like the oven. The veneer cover can become loose if this happens.


You will find the door style you're looking for in the stores, but not in custom cabinets. Talk to a local craftsman or designer to design your own unique kitchen cabinet design.

This list can help you to find the perfect kitchen cabinet for your needs. Are you in the market to replace more than just the drawers and cabinets in your kitchen? Contact Valor Home Services online and you'll receive a stress-free kitchen remodeling!


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